What;s a good monthly % return for day traders?

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  1. I've asked this before but can never seem to get a repsonse.

    What is a reasonable monthly % R.O.I. for a good day trader?

    I am guessing 5% to 10% for the serious pro's?

    Please no " I make 60% per month..." LOL Spanish. Talk about gambling.
  2. depends heavily on acct size. How big is your acct?
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    Maybe you're asking the wrong question?

    No 'pro' would look at his/her performance in the terms of 'how much % of capital did I make this month'. It is maybe an end result for the massa to compare, but does this mean that a person with more money and a lesser return in % have done a lesser job then a person with lesser money with more % return?

    I really do not see how this question can help you in any way... Maybe for comparison reasons, but comparison is the beginning of all unhappiness...
  4. Ok My account right now is just under $100,000. I want to try and get it to about $250,000 maximum. I have no need to trade millions.

    So what a good % return for a $250,000 account? Day trading.
  5. I do know day trader who make 30%+ per month but he says his account size is $40,000 and he can't go bigger.(penny stocks) So that doesn't appeal to me.
  6. If you want $250k by the end of 2009 you'll need to earn ~6% per month for the next 16 months beginning in September. This doesn't include taxes from this year.

    Again for the others is 5% to 10% reasonable? doable? THIS IS MY QUESTION!
  8. as i recall acrary said it is reasonable to expect to make 100-200% per year per 200K account for a decent (average experienced?) daytrader.

    search for acrary posts, the dude knows what he is talking about.
  9. I was just offering a possible scenario bud. No need to get all frustrated. Given I shouldn't have assumed anything but I was simply saying if 6% was your realistic return per month it'd be the end of 2009.

    Sorry for trying to help. I know these boards are a pain but check yourself with the ones who are genuine.
  10. it all depends on how you lay out your strategy.

    for example. i like to go with very small accounts. i would take a 5000 account (which is a fraction of my money) and risk about 10% on any trade with a strategy that usually gets me about 70% winners, 80% if i count breakeven trades.

    what i accomplish with this is basically make about 90 - 120% per month, so essentially doubling this small account.

    if my account would represent all my money so let's say i'd park 200K in the account, you can bet your ass that i'd only risk about max 1% on any given trade and get about 9-11%/mo but in terms of money it's the same basic amount per month ....

    so again ... your question and the whole thread is irrelevant....
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