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  1. Although they should have a winning hand, republicans seem determined to misplay it and let obama get the better of them in the debt ceiling propaganda war. As a public service, I will offer a modest suggestion.

    First, they should put Michele Bachmann and her fabulous good looks on TV to tell the American people that we simply cannot go along with Obama's economic craziness any more. The American people didn't run up this gargantuan deficit, Obama did and he did it for despicable reasons, largely to pay off political supporters in the union movement through the fraudulent stimulus giveaway.

    As a result, Obama's demagoguery about "shared" sacrifice and "balanced" approaches are nonsense. We are in this pickle because an inexperienced socialist ran through the country's credit card limit buying the equivalent of flat screen TVs and 22inch rims for his Escalade. Why should responsible taxpayers have to pay for his inability to balance a checkbook? Republicans voted solidly against the stimulus and other bailouts. They have no obligation to bail Obama out.

    Second, the republicans should put together a modest debt ceiling increase coupled with immediate cuts, eg eliminating the Department of Education entirely, repealing Obamacare, cutting a half dozen other useless or harmful agencies. Pass it in the House and announce to the voters that it is up to Obama and the Senate to accept it or deal with the consequences. Pass a separate bill specifying that SS and medicare get paid first, then bond holders, then the military, the other government employees in the event of a shortfall.

    At the same time announce that if Obama fails to pay SS benefits, he will be impeached for violating the oath of office.

    These are perilous times that call for a bold approach. Voters have had it with the usual Washington game playing and rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
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    I like it.
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    What Republicans Should Do:

    Become Libertarians/Independents.
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  5. Gee, I hope not. Independents are easily influenced and responsible for putting Barry in office. [​IMG]
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    Putting Bachman out there is probably a great idea. She is such an idiot, the more the people see her the better the real conservative, Ron Paul will do. Her IQ has to be sub 100.
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    I am astonished at you, TripleA. You know as well as I that "responsible taxpayers" didn't vote for this guy, do not support higher taxes and certainly do not support massive government spending.

    I mean by definition, if they are responsible taxpayers that means these things (well `cept for vote for The one).

    But you also know as well as I that we are no longer a country where the producers can outvote the looters. It is a shame, and a disgrace and in the end the looters will reap their just rewards. But this ship has set sail, there is no turning back, no mysterious tide of achievers suddenly appearing out of thin air to take their country back.

    Nope. The libtards have won again. One suspects that this time around, the producers realize WTF is going on and will very quickly stop producing. Or maybe that's a pipe dream. In a sense, it doesn't matter, the end is the same.
  8. The left are obsessed with this IQ thing.....

    They call everyone on the Right dumb. These are silly immature statements.

    Bachman has more advanced degrees then Obama, so did Bush.
    Obama never reads books, Bush would read one once a month.

    I would say that all these politicians are smarter then 95% of the public.
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    He does write them though. Hell he wrote his memoir - before he ever did anything. :)
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    Max E.

    His next memoir is going to be entitled "4 years of epic failure"
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