What reports influence gold market?

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    i'm new to gold futures. Where can I get a list of announcements that influence gold market?

    I.e. for oil there are inventory reports every week, for equities there are econ reports @ 8:30, 10:00, FOMC and so on
  2. go to kitco and thebulliondesk website's

    heck even dailyfx website and bloomberg website

    read everything you can

    let us know if you learn anything

    good luck

  3. the IMF has 3200 tons of gold that they have been trying for years to unload.....

    the US has blocked the sale for years but a new president may allow the sales to further spread socialism to the have nots...

    namely the US

    this for me is on the short term radar....
  4. good point.
  5. Me too, since 1997. Might as well get comfortable, it could be a long wait.
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    That kitco site is a great resource Seth.

    Is there a similar site for the crude oil market?
  7. the current main drivers for gold, (and this could change tomorrow) are crude and the dollar....

    with platinum going parabolic, silver has to be the cheapest metal on the planet

    gold would have done better but the lock up in the credit markets makes leveraging gold more of a chore....

    an opinion of course and i could be wrong....

    I still dont think that Joe12Pack gets the inflation story.... and still believes that the Arabs and Exxon are to blame for $3 gas...

    meanwhile M3 looks like a platinum chart....