What registrations / exams the top money managers had?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by crgarcia, May 25, 2007.

  1. Like Warren Buffett, George Soros, Tudor Jones (the real one, not the copycat here at ET), etc.
  2. I am on TRACK to beat the greatest ever. Thus, one day I have a great chance of becoming the greatest trader to have ever lived on the face of this earth.

    For instance: I started my hedge fund 3 years younger than what PTJ started it. I have him beat. His net worth will be history within a short time, as well.

    So in summary, I am the BEST ever (one day), and I am most definitely the ONE to listen to here.. if I ever say anything worthwhile.. (which if you have noticed, NOT VERY OFTEN.)
  3. The quintessential includer of all these people is that they have had either a bachelor's or master's in ECONOMICS. Be it at University of Virginia (where I got mine), London School of Economics, or Columbia.
  4. Why not open a new account, here at ET, with other username, starting again?
    Not pretending to be anyone else, just yourself?
  5. I am not Pretending to be anyone else that I am not. This is who I really am. REALLY !!!

    I went to UVa, majored in ECON, and I run a money management operation: What do I have to pretend about?

    "TudorJones" is the name of my ONE KILLER INDICATOR, ENTRY SIGNAL, I didn't claim that it was my name itself.