What really makes Capitalism, not the Stock Markets.

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  1. http://video.foxnews.com/v/4383241/beck-small-business-burdens

    Many small business owners with employees are the true hero's in Capitalism.

    Stock market's volume is light, the average trade is held 11 seconds and Fed's manipulate the markets. Very few build wealth in the markets anymore and thats a hard fact to swallow for the dreamers.

    We must bring back Capitalism in the True sense.

    Watch this video...forget who is giving the commentary, but listen to the words and WAKE UP!
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    The backbone of America. Economies of scale has failed (Wal-Mart,etc,). Go back to what works. Small business is the key to wealth-building.
  3. Do you live in an Amish community? :confused: :eek:
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    Exactly what I was saying yesterday. Until we can rid Washington of the corruption and greed things will not get better. Politics in Washington DC is about the equivalent of an Arican third world country. It's sickening.


  5. Right now Capitalism is

    Privatize the assets and profits, Socialize the losses and risks.
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    No, just a supporter of small business, or what is left of it.
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    That has always been compatible with capitalism, as are cartels and monopolies.

    [from the 1961 addition of "The American College Dictionary", Random House.


    1. a system under which the means of production, distribution, and exchange are in large measure privately owed and directed.

    2. the concentration of capital in the hands of a few, or the resulting power or influence.

    3. a system favoring such concentration of wealth.
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    Corruption and greed, are not incompatible with capitalism. I would go as far as to say that they are possibly essential components. Capitalism will not long survive in an altruistic society.

    If you get rid of corruption and greed in Washington, it would likely be difficult for capitalism to survive. True enough, in an ideal world populated with ideal people we could have, by definition "1" above, both a capitalist and an altruistic society, but that is not the world we live in. We live in the world of definitions "2", and "3".

    I have no choice but to strongly disagree with your next to final sentence, viz, "politics in Washington is about the equivalent of an African third world country."

    It seems to me that "politics in Washington" is what you would expect in a highly capitalist country. I laugh when I read all the posts on ET decrying how "socialist" and "communist" the US is becoming. That's ridiculous of course. I'm sure there are socialists and communists in the US, but they have virtually no influence in government. The US government is under complete control of US capitalists. If you go to Europe or Scandinavia you can experience societies that have a much greater "socialist" element than the US. You could also experience countries in which there is a balance between socialism and capitalism. But the US is just about as capitalistic as is achievable without having an insurrection on your hands. :)
  9. If you get rid of corruption and greed in Washington, it would likely be difficult for capitalism to survive.


    Flawed logic.

    Capitlism has been destoyed by Corruption in WALLSTREET, BANKING, DC.UNIONS ETC>

    Will there be corruption in such a system, sure. But is it what makes it thrive NO! Evidence is on going.

    I am not corrupt. I deal with Private Business world wide. I offer a services that is up front, honest and discloses all Risk. My clients enjoy the honesty and they enjoy Capitalism.

    You theory or midset is what the Scumbags in PUBLIC COMPANIES believe or Idiots who traded from a "Cab" during the bullmarket.

    The Majority that believe in that philosophy have tumbled. SOROS, BUFFET and the FED are not your average folk. They are the only ones really surviving on the Corruption....as are UNIONS, POLITICIANS.

    You wana get a wake up call. Watch how muc of the M & A activity takes Public Companies back to being Private next year.
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    "But is it what makes it thrive, YES!" :D
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