What really happens if Oil Stays this high

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  1. "Over a year, analysts estimate, oil at $100 a barrel would reduce U.S. economic growth by 0.2 or 0.3 of a percentage point. Rather than grow an estimated 3.7 percent this year, the economy would expand 3.4 percent or 3.5 percent. That would likely mean less hiring and higher unemployment."
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    So, where are the Scum bag liberals and their ranting about OBAMA?
    Oh yea, in 08 it was Bush's fault and again, it's Bush's fault.

    If I had a private business where I had employees. I would walk out into the parking lot. Look for "HOPE AND CHANGE", "OBAMANOS" bumper stickers. Find out who owns them and hand them a pink slip. They would be the first to go this summer before I laid off others.

    OH,it's the Economy Stupid. Lets see how HOPE AND CHANGE works out this summer for all those lovely folk who supported OBAMA.

    Of course, it is Obama's fault as he is perceived as a lame ass and very weak. He has ZERO foreign policy, other than apologizing for America. He throws Mubarak under the BUS and his first speech as President was on Al Jazeera. (Wait, you mean nobody remembers the very first speech the Ass Clown made was on "Arab" TV, before he even spoke on US networks?)

    It is 2011 and the SCUM BAG LIBERALS in CHARGE have done more to destroy the economy than BUSH did in his last two years by growing government.

    UNIONS are about to pay the price across the board as their day's are numbered. Lets see what happens to the Anointed One going into the 2012 Elections.

    Welcome to OBAMANATION.
  2. What the hell does high oil prices have to do with Obama and his foreign policy?