What rate to quote my nephew at?

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  1. I want to / need to / have little option but to hire my nephew to work on the software I'll be using as a registered investment advisory LLC operating within EU at the moment but wink wink, US is on the map. He's second year in the same University I studied.

    I started on 5 LC (local currency) per hour as take home amount and seemed like something out of this /my world since most full time public-sector employed chicks I'd be talking with were making half of that. I now make 100 LC per hour, btw.
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    And you are sure he wants to work for you? :)
    Each region has average rates for each job category and/or sector/technology to orient at...
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    2x LC "most full time public-sector employed chicks I'd be talking with" per hour as take home amount would equate to what you were pullling down.
    Adjust accordingly in consideration of comparable skills, effort, results.
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    What's the minimum wage in your country/area?
    Cause 'local currency' doesn't mean anything. In Venezuela, 5 LC is like 0.00001 USD...
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  5. He sure doesn't since he's smart enough to understand the difference between natural (paid $) and rational numbers (paid $$ but in compensation for xxxxxxxxx the effort).

    My brother uses some 1% of my mental capacity to make 30% of what I make teaching high school math. If I were to do it again I'd go his route without hesitation.
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  6. Pretty stable in the last 30 years, LC / USD was =~ 4.
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    I thought you were a coder not a teacher? Why high school math
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  8. I'm a programmer making 100 LC / hour using 50% - 99% of my brain capacity depending on when I get a break of luck or not. By definition you can't use more than 100% and by experience using more than 50% on a regular basis is gonna kill you worse than cancer does. My brother is a high school teacher making 30 LC / hour using 1% in his high demanding days.
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    So you want to pay him 1.25$ USD/hour?
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  10. 100 bucks for 8 hours a week (one day per week), 4 weeks a month. $100 / (8*4) = $3.125 effective. But month registers as 160 hours full time so if you make $100 full time in a month, that's 0.625 / hour.

    Dunno where you pulled your 1.25 from.
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