What protective put if any in this situation?

Discussion in 'Options' started by Corto, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Corto


    I have a Feb long 35 call in TNDM bought at 4.95, currently at 8.10/9.30.

    Rather than take profits now I'm thinking of letting it run and buying a protective put.
    What would you advise and why:
    Buy Feb 35 put at 1.80/1.90
    Buy Feb 42 put at 4.60/5.20

    Thank you!

    By the way, how do you make the image larger that an icon?
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  2. Robert Morse

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    My advice would be to not hedge a long call with a long put.
  3. srinir


    I would rather roll up the call. (But 40 Call and sell 35 call)
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  4. Would you buy the call at 8.70? If not, it's time to sell. The put would be a singularly bad way to protect those gains because you lose a lot of directional exposure and pay a lot more in time premium.
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  5. tommcginnis


    I know nothing about the stock, but I would consider selling a near-OTM call -- capping gains at
    call2 - call1 + [call1cost - call2price]
    still carrying risk of gains lost from
    mkt - call1 + [-call1cost]
    but now mitigated by the premium from call2price.

    It's *still* a trade. It's *still* requiring a market assessment, of probabilities against resulting gain/loss.

    My own bias is against buying options. (And true: I'm biased *towards* selling.) I just like premium in-hand, and a future I don't need to specify *exactly* -- just enough to put bounds in place.... :D

    (For that matter, what if you sold two at $45, and bought one at $47.50 or $50? Hmmmmm! :rolleyes::sneaky::D;) )
  6. Overnight


    By clicking the "full image" button when you're replying to, or making a new post.

  7. TommyR


    1)sell some of the stock 2) sell a topside call in some or all of the notional depending on your conviction.
  8. TommyR


    respect for buying a heavy premium call on the lows though
  9. destriero


    Don't straddle or strangle the call. You've got good gains and would be buying a a silly vol-figure. I think that the index may be going lower, so I'd take gains or perform the following: leg into the long fly for Feb by selling two of the 45C and buying one of the 55C.

    You can effect the ratio for Feb at a 4.80 credit (marketable at 4.80). You'd own the 35/45/55 call fly from fifteen cents (4.95 paid on call; 4.80 received on ratio).
  10. %%
    WEll, congrats on the profit. But with underlying chart in a longer term downtrend, earnings below average, having gone from $80 to 19 area in super speed. run +dont walk, to the exits.If you have traded it a lot for profits, could risk it all, if you'r OK with losing it all. Its above 200 day moving average; but only 20th rank in group. NOT a prediction; FEB tend to be a short month, in stocks.:cool::cool:
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