What protection for Euro/USD

Discussion in 'Trading' started by North Pesos, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. Does someone could give me some ideas on how to protect a trader against the drop of the USD. I suppose that your native fund are in Euro, that you trade in USD and you want to protect from a higher move of the Euro, what strategy do you will use for protect your funds against the drop of the USD?
  2. H2O


    You can open a forex acct with OANDA (www.oanda.com) andyou can hedge every amount. Margin 5%

  3. jaan


    FWIW, we use IB as our broker, and simply converted our acct capital to EUR. you see, IB lets you to trade US stocks even if your capital is in EUR. all USD profits we sweep out the account once they exceed a certain amount, so our currency risk is negligible.

    - jaan