What prop firms let withdraw your money whenever you need to?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by alex222333, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Do you know anybody besides JC Trading and CY trading?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. mrmoose


    echo actually they only cut checks two days a week but aside from that you can take out money at will
  3. Our traders can take withdrawals, directly to the checking accountss, up to twice a week.

  4. don, i am not interested until you can offer a atm card so i can access my funds every day. got to have the cash.. lol.. 2 times per week is great ... how traders can deal with getting paid 1 time per month with some firms. crazy.. its like having a gov't job.
  5. I never understood why people were concerned about how often they were allowed to withdraw from their accounts. Twice a month is plenty enough.. it's not like you need to pay a separate bill every single day, and even if you did.. just plan out ahead of time and withdraw what you'll need.

    The only reason I could see someone needing to withdraw often is if they are flat broke, and their account is low, and they need the $20 bucks they just scalped for lunch money..

    If you just had an awesome day at trading, it's not like the money is gonna disappear the next day. And if it does.. then you're trading like sh*t and should be focusing more on trading properly and less on being able to cash out from the casino whenever you want.
  6. when its your money, you should have access to it as often as possible period. maybe some like 1 time per month then great, but i rather have the option of paying myself as often as possible if i feel like it, you only can pay yourself if you make money, hopefully that makes some sense. its for traders that make a money of course & don't view trading as gambling.