What Prop Firms In NYC Permit Options Trading?.....

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by 9torque, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. 9torque


    ....specifically, short term swing/momentum options trading that may include overnight plays in some circumstances...(as opposed to being only High Frequency Trading)?

    I am interesting in getting on board with a good prop firn in NYC. I am generally familiar with most of them in the city. But what I am trying to glean here is how much latitude one has in trading at some of them.

    A more specific question here as to this is....does SMB Capital, WTS Proprietary, Jane Capital, GETCO, and MAKO enable traders to do standard put or call option plays that might be held for hours as opposed to minutes...or days in some instances....and might be inititated prior to a given market close with the intent of holding it overnight?
  2. wst


    Real prop firms allow you to employ any kind of strategy (except the selling naked options and such), they don't fiddle with your strategy of choice or mandate a particular trading style. Their only concern is that you as a trader make money, the account size at the close of the month is what matters.

    Beware of fake firms, "churn shops", they want you to churn your account as much as possible to bleed you out of commissions and fees. They crater to the high volume daytrading crowd and advocate daytrading and scalping as it in their own self interest (high volume = large commissions). They do not allow traders to hold overnight positions and they don't care about your well being as a trader. Stay away of these firms!