what prop firm is this?

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  1. that looks like a reasonably good deal for 95%
  2. Considering you're contributing cash to a "private group", how safe is your money? How do you know they won't blow up?
  3. cstfx


    depends on what "minimum" is.

    BTW, sounds like T3
  4. emailed them a while back no response.
  5. good deal? this is by far the best deal ever. there are firms out there with .0002 per 1k shares , but not with 95-99% payout. there are firms out there with 99-100% payouts, but none offers .0002 per 1k shares. as someone mentioned, it does sound like T3, but I doubt the deal would stand as written. Keep me updated as I'm curious as to this deal would work out....
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    Do you really want to join a prop firm who advertises on Craigslist and doesn't list their name? Just asking.
  7. i heard back from them, they are a group within avatar that just opened their own floor in the city. Waiting to hear back on a few questions I had, if there are no catches I will prob move forward.
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    It's .002, not .0002

    Read the listing.

  9. I highly doubt it is T3.
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