What program can do this?

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  1. Display real time bid/ask quotes for thousands of symbols, alerting me of any stocks that have either crossed or locked bid/asks. I want to be able to setup ONE such alert for ALL stocks on my list. Medved's Quotetracker can only do alerts for individual stocks that you specify.

    Thanks for any info guys!

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    NeoTicker EOD means Neoticker End of Day. NeoBreadth is not meant for this kind of thing - it is more of an indicator based analysis. 101 Quote is a simple quoting program with portfolio tracking.

    That leaves Neoticker. But if the datafeed does not support what you want, it won't matter which program you use.

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    impossible i think(at least for thousands). for let say hundred-easy. i want to see where you can find such data provider, who can provide real time tick by tick(not snapshot) data for couple thousands stocks and how much it will cost you..tell us,what you come up with after all)))
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  5. Not impossible.

    NeoTicker is designed to handle full market broadcast via satelite. Thats 300,000 symbols that you can scan in real-time. Scanning for bid/ask cross/locks is very basic and can be set up to scan the entire market. If you only have a few thousand, even better.
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    what datafeed can be used for it? or they are data provider ?
  7. They are only software developers.

    They support a wide array of data feeds (Esigna, Qfeed, My Track) to name a few however, for full market broadcast, you will require a satelite feed.


    are the feed vendors that NeoTicker supports.
  8. BLIND.
  9. If you have data feed in Tibco multicasting messages, you can easily write a few distributed agents that track these thousands of symbols easily:)

    Man, I miss what we were doing at Enron:)

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