What Price Is This Stock Going To ?

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  1. how many times are you going to hype that pos. go back to yahoo where the rest of the pumpers live.
  2. But my custom coded indacatior looks pretty good , yes ?
  3. risky63


    you must have some GIANT loss in this rat to come here and try to HOPE someone will follow your "advice".
    sell and regroup if you can.
  4. Antman_1964, Heath was in NYC , this is what I got for you .Featured Speaker: One Company to Watch - Local.com
    Thursday 3rd of March 2011, 12:15:00 PMLocal.com’s aggressive growth strategy continues to drive the company forward. It continues to be a company to watch, now boasting more than 20,000 proprietary websites, an estimated 1,000 local partners, and over 60,000 small-business clients. Renowned search advertising analyst and blogger Greg Sterling interviews CEO Heath Clarke about Local.com’s strategy to continue growing market share.
    Heath Clarke
    Greg Sterling
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