What prevents liberals from seeing truth?

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  1. I find it amazing how liberals can blame Bush for "lies," but can't look at Odumbo and realize, let alone admit, that Odumbo has made Bush look like a paragon of truth!

    For those who will admit and recognize truth:

    Bush - there are WMD in Iraq - lie

    Odumbo - I will close Guantanamo - lie
    Odumbo - I will end the spying - lie
    Odumbo - I will hold Wall St. accountable - lie
    Odumbo - I have increased oil production in the US - lie (done on private lands - actually under Odumbo oil production on Federally leased land has gone down)
    Odumbo - unemployment is at its lowest in years - lie (if the number of people who left the work force and the number who had FULL time jobs and now work part time...though counted as full time - Odumbo's unemployment rate would be well over 10%)

  2. Liberals have an agenda.... same one as the Communists had in former USSR. The truth will not be an obstacle.
  3. The word "truth" means "whatever is best for the state" to a marxist.
  4. why do you also find it cool ?
  5. Why do republicans view Reagan as the model president?

    -Reagan said he would limit government - he expanded it
    -Reagan said wealth would "trickle down" - hahaha
    -National debt tripled under Reagan
    -Reagan sold arms to Iran
    -Income concentration at the top, and hence income inequality rose because of Reaganomics - to this day we have such vast income inequality thanks to president Retard...erm Regan

    Electing an actor into office is like asking to be lied to. Republicans - please die off.
  6. Explain how wealth trickles up.
  7. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    I think the most amusing one is the "Most Transparent Administration Ever". LOL...
  8. You surpress wages and benefits of the workforce. You game the system to your benefit only. You socialize all losses while keeping profits private, and you buy a criminally corrupt government to facilitate the whole scam. Pretty easy actually.
  9. Isn't Pravda the Russian word for truth?
  10. Sounds like what we have now.
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