What posts make the true old pros laugh?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by patch227, Dec 14, 2005.

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    On the great thread “Where does everyone live/trade and how old.” I was amused to read some opinions of traders who thought of themselves as pro’s.

    As there is probably nothing new in the markets I would love to know what old pro’s (e.g. day trading longer than 7 years) read on the forums that make them laugh.

    With the high burnout rate of new traders and the jump in boots and all mentality that some have there must be some interesting thoughts out there?
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    people who pass them selves off as being successful instead of being humble.

    these jerks love to tell people how much they make at every opportunity, how many points they make a day, or slate other peoples attempts.

    the last laaarf is always on them.
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    My pet peeve is when some fail to grasp the meaning of "The Emotional Side" of trading, like the proclamation of relieving the distress from losses will be eliminated by a mechanical system.

    Especially when one has not developed "THAT SYSTEM" yet and has very little if any experience at all on the front lines in action with real bullets and 105 shells coming into your foxhole....:eek:

    The old saying is: This game is the toughest of all, but yet to some it seems to be extremely easy......REALLY!!!!!!

    90 to 10 win/loss ratio confirms what i am saying.
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    Patch 22-7
    Fun question,probably the most humor= continually calling the top in a bull market;
    calling frequently the bottom in a bear,
    or continually , likeCNBC did during the last bear trend,having people on about every week calling for ''buying time'',in a bearmarket

    Fair enough on your 7 year time frame for pro;
    had a chuckle on your restricting a ''pro '' to flat @end of day.:cool:
  5. tomcole


    IMHO, I get more of a grimace than a smile when I read the cascade of bad advice that flows on these boards from folks who have little or no experience or views of the world that are rooted in going to trade shows and blindly repeating what some snake oil salesmen has told them.
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    lol - right!

    like trading something that is effectively a random number generator with a skew is gunna relieve stress. heck! why did my machine just sell? the markets going up!!!


  7. While I am definitely not either pro or old, I hope I'm not thought of as one of the 'jerks.' There are many people, old pro's included, who post on the PnL board, and I believe they post to provide information to the community so we may track our performance related to the group. When we reach milestones, I think it pertinent to share these whether good or bad.

    My max draw down - possibly the worst trade ever - I shared on some board or another back in August. We all tend to be sceptical at the wins and say "haha" in a Nelson voice at the losses. Nonetheless, sharing it all can't be bad, right?

    Now, I agree with you about those phonies like Scalpz, or whoever he is now. There are a few here that make outrageous claims, don't have the data to back up their claims, or simply don't display the intelligence level needed for such a track record.
  8. Easily it is the overall negative jerk attitude that many have.

    Especially when someone tries to explain what is working for them. 20 jerks will immediately come out of the woodwork telling him how hes wrong and its not possible. I think the negativity comes from their own personal failures and that translates to them as nobody could be successful.
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    Learning more about how the people taking the other side of newby trades think is chit chat?
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