What position did you have in the ES?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by trend456, May 1, 2003.

  1. Thought people might be interested in this poll.

    Just wondering what kind of positions people had before the Globex Problem!!

    Good Trade!

  2. What about "I am flat"?
  3. Good idea. Can you add that!

  4. balda


    I do not get it:

    What positionS are you holding. Isin't it suppose to be only one?

    your question is what position DID you have.

    and I do not speak English well :D
  5. oops..I don't speak very well..

  6. balda


    well than I was short
  7. Short 5 ES. Hedged with SPY, but still not pleasant.
  8. arzoo


    A quick question... when hedging ES and NQs what's a good ratio:

    How many QQQ shs to hedge 1 NQ?

    How many SPYs to hedge 1 ES contract?

  9. balda


    1ES = 500 SPY
    1NQ = 800 QQQ
  10. My mechanical system gave me a buy a while before the problem, i am long at 902. The market is open at 916.50 what should i do as i have never expirienced anything like this.

    do i sell now with a profit or wait??
    #10     May 1, 2003