What podcasts do you listen to when you are driving?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mizhael, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Driving without keeping track of the market is boring...

    I think there are three approaches:

    (1) Car radio
    (2) Download podcasts/shows/talks/presentations to my MP3/WMV player
    (3) Bloomberg LiveTV streaming on my cell phone

    For (1), anybody knows a good radio talking about the markets and the economics?

    For (2), please recommend some good content?

    For (3), CNBC is not streamed on line? Any other sources? During nights and weekends Bloomberg LiveTV will talk about non-market topics, which I don't like. At that time, I would like it simply to replay those earlier shows on Bloomberg TV that I've missed.

    The ideal thing is to automatically record those Bloomberg TV programs and then download and playback to my Windows MOBILE cell phone player...

    Any thoughts and suggestions?

  2. None, I concentrate on driving.
    Multi-tasking while driving isn't smart time management, it's a liability.
  3. Yep, thanks for the reminder.

    Let's take a non-car situation. There are so many occasions that you don't want to waste... how about waiting in a long line?
  4. Better example . .

    Comedy and anything that puts a smile on your face.

    Life is short . . . belly laughs make you live longer.
  5. Good point. But it's hard to find continuously renewed comic contents, right? What if you get bored from repeating the same few comics many times? Any recommendation about sources?

  6. There are a few stations on XM/Sirius and then I simply download stuff off the net. To date I have about 400 hours of comedy alone and then other audio and video files. I add about 10 to 25 hours a month.

    Total songs, video and informational/news and so far I'm up to 450GB of content. I have a custom portable HD I carry with me and superjacked my ipod.
  7. andread


    Bloomberg podcasts are cool