What PNL makes your eyebrows rise?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by trading1, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Translating trading PNL into an everyday context: For me, 20k seems to be a really significant figure (Daily). I can relate to single digit amounts, and I can sort of see the teens as an outlandishly big single digit but once it gets to 20k, its more like another set of big numbers (20, 30, 50...) divorced from everyday reality and the earning or spending capacity of whats normal. I'd be fascinated to know how other traders appraoch the contrast between trading PNL and everyday finance. I think this is a major issue in adopting a more profesional approach to trading.
  2. you have raised a very important subject in relation to trading, and that is more than likely why you have not got any replies to date. however, it may be wise to stop and think before one answers this question, as the answer has to be based on reality.

    how much $$ do i have in my trading account. what market/s will i trade. how many trades will i execute per day. what will determine how many trades i execute. what is my average $ risk/loss per trade. what is my average $ win per trade.
  3. I recall vaguely reading on ET, one guy lost $1mil in one day, and disappeared from ET for one year and came back again;
    I also recall seeing on one forum one person's daily PNL around $100k-$200k, do not remember which forum.
    do not quote me on this.