What platforms run on iPhone,Blackberry, Droid...etc ?

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  1. TWS runs on iPhone and soon on Blackberry.

    What other platforms run on similar devices ?
  2. according to IB website, Blackberry TWS available now
  3. Think or Swim and E*Trade have iPhone applications. TD Ameritrade has worked with several third-party developers to offer iPhone applications.
  4. I'm not sure what you're asking.

    I trade with Scottrade, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, and Fidelity. All have websites specifically for smartphones. I trade with my BlackBerry.

    TD Ameritrade has an app that gives streaming quotes; go to iStockManager.com.
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    Any free real time quotes and news for blackberry?

    I use CNBC's site. I have had Esignal, it was good but had some kinks with overload of data. Not worth the money. Etrade even with account looks like delayed quotes? Haven't tried it during the day, but it says quotes are delayed. I know yhoo and cnbc use realtime quotes. Why doesn't everybody? Don't understand in this day and age why some are delayed and some not.
  6. iGoogle has real time quotes, but it isn't streaming.
  7. I use thinkmicro by tos on my blackberry and it kinda sucks but it works in a pinch. You must have all 4 bars for it to work or it loses its connection. The people at Tos say the Iphone app is a little more advanced.
  8. None are working on android yet.

  9. Maybe T4 does ..

    Supported devices :

    * Apple iPhone, iPod Touch
    * T-Mobile G1, MyTouch
    * Verizon DROID
    * Palm Pre

  10. That's good to know.

    How is this T4 platform and its company?
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