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    I am going to design an automatic trading strategy. Hopefully when the backtesting completes, I can move it to the live trading by rewriting the code as little as possible. I have an Interactive Brokers account. Which platform is best for the strategy dsign? I only have some visual basic experience. Thanks.
  2. Tradelink allows you to test historically and trade live on 17 brokers, including ib. Open source = free in all senses. Google tradelink project our tradelink.org
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    it seems its language is quite complicated. What language is it? I do not know much about C++ or C#.
  4. NinjaTrader is quite good. The programming language is C#.
  5. tradelink supports any .net language (visual basic, c#, c++, f#, etc/etc)

    all the included examples are in c# tutorials.tradelink.org

    there are a number of users in community who program in vb though. community.tradelink.org