What platform are you using with your IB account?

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  1. I noticed TWS is very slow.

    What platform are you using for your IB account? Im looking for one with a chart trader...

    been looking into ninjatrader and esignal
  2. SierraChart is responsive and has chart trading that works well with ib.
  3. I use Ensign. Cost is $40 per month, but you can do damn near anything with it charting wise. No back testing however. not a system design tool.
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    I am not sure anything will speed up a slow connection, except getting a better connection. Twx has a couple of variations, one that runs on java and one that is downloadable. I used both, and they seem about the same. Switching to cable is helpful, as is getting more RAM for your PC.

    I haven't tried Sierra with IB, but I have been using Ensign. Personally, I don't think the IB feed is that good. The Ensign people stated that it is not the best, and the Sierra people don't recommend it. So I don't have anything better, except to pay more and get a live feed from DTN or ESignal, then Pay exchange fees
  5. I use Sierra Charts which costs $10.00 per month. I only trade the S&P Emini contract on an intraday basis. I use Sierra to make Stock and Option trades on a daily basis.

    The IB feed is not real-time (they send data in 5 second increments or something like that), but is adequate for my trading strategy.

    I am not a scalper but I do cut losses VERY short and the combo of IB & Sierra seem do to just fine.

    I do not use indicators to a large degree but Sierra has most of the ones that I have discarded in the past (lol).
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  7. Do the Ensign Daily charts have several months of data when using the IB feed and do the volume charts get enough data to trade from on an intraday basis for the eminis?
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    I find IB tick data very unreliable compared to others.

    I use quote tracker for charting and IB's BookTrader to enter orders
  9. volume charts, yes.

    several months of historical, no. But it will allow you to download other historical for free. I use ensign with IB, but my historical comes from DTN for free. its all seamless in that i do not have to get the historical separately. Once configured, its automatic.

    Works well. Been using it for years.
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    Also using Ensign
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