What platform allow me to script?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by asalada, Mar 29, 2008.

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    I've been searching for a good platform and heard that TS is good, actually I want to do some custom programming for trade execution or just for custom alert to enter the market, I heard of Easy Language is good and I do programming in Metatrader, but unfortunately Metatrader don't have a good broker for a wide range of instruments, I like to be able to scan for trending market using my own criteria/conditions and give me alert.
    I think the alert is a very valuable tool for me because I dont have to stare at monitor for hours and searching for an instrument that is trending(my criteria), that is why I need platform that can do this programming. But this TS people just so ignorant that they don't have the courtesy to reply to email.

    I trade only on technical, on chart, directly on chart like Ninja & OpenEcry.
    I found that OpenEcry is very good, but custom scripting is not allowed except using openquant AFAIK, Ninja is good but the platform I consider it as under development, not user friendly, even confusing for me, I know I can do a lot with C# in Ninja, but the chart itself is not good enough.

    I hate TS for having me to pay for the data feed as I can get them free with Ninja & OpenEcry, but I dont mind paying them if they have good support like Ninja and OpenEcry. OpenEcry is very appealing for me because I can trade directly on chart, but they only trade futures & options.

    Does anyone know better platform than OpenEcry that will allow me to trade directly on chart?

    Please recommend.

    Thank You