What percentage of you trades do you get the direction right for ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by etrades, Jan 15, 2020.

What percentage of you trades do you get the direction right for ?

  1. Upto 10%

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  2. 10% to 40%

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  3. 40% to 60%

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  4. 60% to 85%

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  5. More than 85%

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  1. etrades


    Please vote above
  2. ktm


    For a long time I was getting about 30% right. Then I started doing the opposite and only got 20% right.
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  3. It always goes in my direction, but how far in my direction is another story.
  4. Handle123


    Really depends on the overall method, I have a couple that always goes against main trend, just looking to scalp high percentage plays.
  5. I did try tossing a coin.. that did not work out well too.....
  6. speedo


  7. dozu888



    with personal guarantee
  8. A wrong question to ask.

    If I am long, if it doesn't hit my take profit but somehow stopped out with little profit, does that count?
    If my stoploss is very huge but my takeprofit is very close, and I hit my TP 90% of the time, but I am still losing money. Does that count?

    What I am implying is your question carries very little meaning.

    A better question would be "What's your Sharpe ratio or profit factor?".
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  9. Yes, it counts. And don't you dare buy back in either. Once you take profit you're done...

    Sounds like your earnings are smaller than your losses. You're definitely doing it wrong, and it could be a number of reasons. You want your earnings to be higher than your losses. A good suggestion would be to buy at a position where you are comfortable and know where your support and resistance zones are. You might even have to wait hours or even days before you buy. Don't buy until you think the trend is at it's lowest point while rising. You will have less headaches and will be able to plan better when you have a good position. Don't be a greedy fool that buys because you don't have any trades open and you want to make money. Plan out your trade before you buy in and stick to the plan. Plan for what happens if the trend goes up or down.[/QUOTE]
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  10. zdave83


    You forgot "It doesn't matter" :)
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