What percentage are millionaire traders?

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  1. Please vote if you're trading with more or less than $1 million.
  2. what percentage of polls on elite trader are a waste of time ?
  3. if we're millionaires, we wouldn't be here. with a few exceptions of course.

  4. Mecro


    Im a billionaire trader.
  5. Ebo


    "What percentage are millionaire traders?
    Please vote if you're trading with more or less than $1 million."

    What is the question?

    Any moron can have $1MM in Buying power with a few dollars in the account at a Prop firm.

    A million in cash is a different story....and by the way, not considered very wealthy in this day and age.

    Yes folks another USELESS thread.
  6. agrau


    Do italian Lira still count ? :D :D
  7. Weasel


    Are you out there? Wearing rags to work as you ride your camels!

  8. 100% ??
  9. I agree that $1M in cash isn't so much to invest (not trade). If you want a steady income stream to live on, even with moderate risk, you won't be able to generate even $100k in annual income. More like $60-70k if you don't have the opportunity to earn it back.
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    Wanna bet?

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