What percent of your money is in PHYSICAL GOLD/SILVER/PM's?

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What percent of your investment capital is in PHYSICAL GOLD/SILVER/PM's?

  1. 0

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  2. 1-10%

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  3. 10-25%

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  4. 25-50%

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  5. over 50%

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  1. Not gold stocks or other paper...
    But ACTUAL metal....
  2. Be interesting to see a 100 person sample.
  3. americans love gold so much they send them off in the mail in little envelopes for 10 cents on the dollar

  4. Visaria


    A little less than 10% of net assets. I intend to bring that up to 25%, if and when gold goes to around 1100ish and silver at $20ish. I think the odds are reasonable that they can go to such levels.
  5. sprstpd


    I give that a 0.1% chance of happening. However, I'll admit that anything can happen.
  6. 0.000
  7. So far, no bubble is evident.
  8. Visaria


    I'm not bothered, if it doesn't go down and instead goes through the roof, i benefit anyway.
  9. Bump for 100 person sample size.
  10. Ash1972


    Every tom, dick and harry thinks gold is the only asset worth owning right now. The vending machines that sell gold bars (at rip off prices) to people with no knowledge or interest in commodity markets scream 'bubble'.
    #10     Oct 5, 2011