What past presidents do they remind you of?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nitro, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. nitro


    When I look at McCain, he reminds me of Harry Truman with a touch of Ronald Reagan.

    When I look at Obama, he reminds me of a mix of JFK and Jimmy Carter.

    Hilary doesn't remind me of anyone, not surprising since there has never been a woman US president. Perhaps this is why she has it so hard.

    I am curious what others think.

  2. ==============
    Barak Hussein, in style,[ not substance] like JFK;
    .And long live the difference between style & substance.

    JFK was a tax cutter not tax raiser as Barak Hussein is.

    As as unfavorable negatives as Senator Clinton has;
    she is not stupid enough to insult Bible Believing -2nd Ammendment believers .Very,very amazing some one could even get elected to ILL Senate who actually votes/talks like that.

    I think Senator Clinton may win the nomination/lose the general race;America is a represenative Republic, not a democracy/mob rule.Sounds like even the Democrats have a nomination -set up more like a represenative Republic, not a democracy/mob rule[Check the constitution]

    Senator McCain reminds me of a general election winner[not that the globe is warming, as he ''says''];
    not a prediction, but probable.
  3. lindq


    What does Obama have in common with the former democratic presidential candidates?

    George McGovern

    Eugene McCathy

    Michael Dukakis

    John Kerry

    They were ALL very liberal - appealed to young voters and the upscale white collar voters - and got CRUSHED in the general elections. The democrats are about ready to repeat the same history.

    Like the above listed candidates, Obama's rap will turn very tiring after a few more months, and the republicans will run all over him.

    I'd like to see the republicans ejected from the White House. (Actually, tarred, feathered and put in stocks on the Washington Mall.)

    But it ain't gonna happen with Barack Obama.
  4. nitro


    I find both of your comments interesting.

    What I also find that adds a layer of complexity to what you are saying is, that 90% of what we know about political candidates is through the media. Think about this for a second. Most of these people in the media and in politics believe that politics is a contact sport. Mix that with the extremism that is portrayed by the candidates themselves, and the media has a field day on the gossiping back and forth.

    It is as if "Shock and Awe" is what gets attention, and perception is everything.

  5. Hillary reminds me of Evita Peron.

    Barak reminds me of Buckwheat.