what passes for sanity if you are a catholic

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  1. ectopic pregnancies happen when an egg somehow attaches itself to the fallopian tube instead of in the uterus. when that happens it can be fatal to the mother. the fix is a simple procedure of removing the egg.
    but wait. not if you are a catholic. catholic hospitals refuse to remove the egg, because it is technically abortion, even if the mother could die from it. but wait it gets worse. they will allow you to remove the whole organ, with the egg attached, thereby rendering the woman sterile. such is life as a catholic. their mentality borders on third world ignorance.

    Ectopic pregnancies, exploding gifts from God at some Catholic hospitals
  2. Very sad indeed. My argument in favor of allowing, even favoring, everyone to provide birth control is simple. We can stop things like you reference, and the merely making BC available does not mean anyone has to use it. Freedom of choice. No one is forcing birth control, or sterilization as mentioned in your post.
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    21st century and astounding to read the ways in which the Catholic Church still requires adherence to its Taliban wing.