What pair do you prefer to trade and why?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by sub0, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. sub0


  2. bendror


    EUR/USD But that us changing all the time
  3. cdowis


    I am looking for something to trade during the Asian session == Pretty much the majors against the yen and aussie.

    I really like the gbp/yen but the spread is pretty wide.
  4. siki13


    Try interactive brokers
    They have gbp/jpy spread 1-3 pip (4-5 very rare)
  5. +1

    I pay 7 pip spreads but with 500:1 leverage.
  6. fx255


    I like this pair for several reasons.

    It's awesome for carry trades if you are long. Also great to be short this one if there is equity market panic (e.g. subprime stuff).

    One can make serious bank on this if you use trailing stops and in general tread cautiously. Obviously stop loss orders on this are essential b/c the moves are so immense.