what other trading sites

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  1. What other trading sites are there to peruse outside of market hours?
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  3. Besides this...what other sites can I look at/read/watch trading info wise
  4. You use this site for trading info??

    ... and you wanted to teach people to trade...

  5. lol shut up...:)

    im bored after the market closes so I like to read blogs and stuff FOR FUN but people here have gotten to damn whiny.
  6. "I like to read blogs"..... most depressing thing I read all day - blind leading the blind is how we got to idiots occupying 'wall street'.

  7. My sites.
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    Geeesh...everybody forgetting about Google these days. :confused:

    I just used Google and found a total of 14 other trading forums...a few are just as active as ET, a few more active than ET and most are inactive in comparison to ET.

  9. Oki tried being nice. Stop being a pathetic loser and stalking my comments. As it turns out, I got some great advice on here after everyone said it was impossible so shut the hell up and get a life.
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    trade2win and traderslaboratory are the other two major forums I can think of. There are some for forex. As to news, there's realclearmarkets, seekingalpha and businessinsider. If anyone has good blogs, other sources, let me know as well. Always appreciate good recommendations.
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