what other fun things does ET offer

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by escape, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. escape


    don't get me wrong ET is great

    but if you are a trader who is not looking to learn how to trade

    or if you are not really interested in how other people make money

    what can such a person do on ET

    sure there is chit chat and politics threads

    but I am wondering if there is something more that I can do here

    I was gonna say Baron should organize trading competition

    but again knowing probability, winner would be declared as simply lucky etc etc

    boredom is a disease, help me
  2. mxjones


    You have the whole Internet at your fingertips, and you are bored?

  3. escape,

    ET is a wonderful site to challenge you and to provide you with endless topics and discussion to keep you occupied with.

    I do not think you are bored. I think you need to get some perspective. Have you tried to print out some interesting posts and put them in your 3-ring binder? have you considered starting a trading journal here in ET to hone your skills? Have you thought to provide a review of the various tools that you have used in the review section of ET? How bout trying to post some on topic threads in the various forums?

    I think then... "when you find perspective", you can find your "escape".

    Now some traders mention that "taking time off", gives them the much needed perspective to get their creativity back. Other traders research ideas that are laying down in the back of their mind...other traders simply take some time to get to know the other posters in ET. You can even peruse the "hook up" threads to find traders in you area....etc...

    Escape, please consider that the "blackboard" that ET offers you can be more than you imagined. You can draw pictures on the "blackboard" too!

    Michael B.

    "please excuse me for telling you" and being so bold here. I may not have a clue...but I look forward to some provactive material from you in the future and I will try and remember you as a fellow trader, sharing what I find to be an interesting thread topic. Thank you for this thread.
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  5. Joe


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