What order do you use to get in

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Vienna, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Vienna


    Market: ES, Timeframe: Intraday. Not scalping, just trades holding for a few points, about 2- 3 trades per day.

    I got Buttontrader (which I like very much), but am probably not using them as well as once could. They have an option where the front-end places a limit order on the bid (for a Long), and then chases the market with bullets (such as 1 tick per second).
    It SEEMS to sometimes get a better entry than buying the ask with a Limit order, but I am not sure- sometimes the entry is worse too.
    Then there are limit orders at the ask and Market orders as alternatives.
    My methodology is not breakout, so Buy stop orders are out of the question.

    My point is: what do you use to get in? Can you actually use anything other than a market order if you trade bigger size (20-40 lots)?

    Am sure this has been discussed before, but could not find any useful information.