What options strategy for going long on AAPL?

Discussion in 'Options' started by yalag, Mar 16, 2012.

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    I'm strong bear with AAPL. I'm planning to buy 2013 Jan calls. However, I really hate losing the time value. I'm planning to sell calls that are 10% above the current price each month just to gain back the time value. Is this a good plan?
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    Oops, a typo, really BULL!
  4. You can buy DITM call with delta close to 1 to minimize time decay.
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    Why not sell puts instead?
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    Some great suggestions, I'm a bit of a novice still. What would be the pros and cons between selling puts or buying DITM calls?
  7. if go long, look at 600
    then 620
    then 650
    then 680

    maybe 800

    I just day trade AAPL options, most time I trade OTM, basically buy OTM. when I look up, I buy 600, 620, 650...call

    when I look down, I buy 560 530 500 ...put

    I am a true BULL both on call and put. I am not a BEAR and never want to be a BEAR on put and call.

    for a little bit long timeframe

    when AAPL pullbacks or corrects, buy ITM call may be a good choice.
    buy different strike up.

    I never did that. I feel super good about daily move in AAPL options.

    2fold to 10fold gain trades are almost everyday there, so no need for long-time timeframe.

    I trade option purely technically. just like trade future or other stuffs.

    bought a small lot 580 call at opening today when it hit 578ish, sold it with 3fold gain, I am happy about that.
  8. Capped upside with unlimited downside risk. He may get wiped out in a crash.
  9. What do you guys think about synthetic long stock vs NOTM long call? Which one is better if you are bullish?

    Is long DOTM call a good strategy? These DOTM calls cost less and therefore less to lose in terms of time decay.
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    I'm looking for a long term (12 months) bull options play on AAPL that can avoid time decay. Any ideas/recommendations please?
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