What options do I have for trading DMA brokers?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cjacobs537, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Is is possible to trade with a DMA broker (like DAS Trader Pro) without going through a Prop firm. I've noticed that people who use DAS Trader or Sterling, do so, through a Proprietary firm. Is there a regulation that requires you to use a firm for DMA ?
    Also, what is the next best alternative to a DMA broker? (Besides Lightspeed and Interactive Brokers). Thanks in advance.
  2. Interesting question. I'm going to a Garsworld Trading Academy webinar tomorrow night which is all about different brokers so I'll post what they say. They should be providing a list of brokers that offer DAS Trader Pro and Sterling without going prop. Also they should be giving us direct-access alternatives to Lightspeed and Interactive Brokers.
  3. SpeedTrader and ChoiceTrade offer DAS Trader Pro platforms.

    SpeedTrader, Cobra Trade, and eOption offer Sterling Trader Pro.

    Besides these, TradeStation is an alternative to Lightspeed and IB.