What oil contract to trade during european hours ?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by fluttrader, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. During the USA session I trade the CL on Nymex.

    What contract offers the best spreads and liquidity during european hours ?
  2. Shaqi


    Brent Crude - London
  3. globex crude is still good overnight, it is autotrade arbed with the other markets.
  4. What time range (in EST please) have the most volatility and volume during the after hours session in CL and Brent?
  5. Usually around 1 - 4 am EST when European markets get active. Sometimes you might see a big move after 10pm EST if there is something happening during the Asian trading. There is not many sessions where a big move will take place but it does occur ever now and then. The spreads are pretty good throughout the night.
  6. Thanks, that is what I was thinking but wanted to get some conformation. I used to trade treasuries during those hours. I am looking to start trading actively again but keep my day job for a while. Looks like I am going to be putting in some long days and nights.