what % of your nyse trades are now routed arca?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by joeyata1, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. in the first 2 weeks i've found arca's fine for the bigger nyse stocks if you're doing limits. but on smaller stocks i've found that they seem to clear all nyse orders before coming to clear arca out. has anyone else noticed this? i'm routing maybe 20% to arca
  2. often get fills on arca when trade is a winner...if it goes to nyse [and again if it's profitable] it always takes at least 10sec to get a fill. i hate to trade nyse, i am always scare to death of not bein' able to get out, happens at least 60% of the times. i cant figure how prop traders can trade all that size on nyse and not worry about bein' screwed over and over. most times ecns are not an option u know.
  3. does anyone know anything about arca pass through order,like does arca charge pass through fee? does arca pass through the order to any ecn,specialists or just pass through speciaist?