What % of Hedge Funds/Institutions actually make money?

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    Since apparently nobody in this thread including the OP has heard of this fairly new website called google, and Sle gave fairly non-numerical answers (how much is plenty?), let me show off my google fu power:

    1. It depends on how many years we are looking at. The more years the less funds. Over the last 15 years, 92.2% of large-cap funds lagged a simple S&P 500 index fund. The percentages of mid-cap and small-cap funds lagging their benchmarks were even higher: 95.4% and 93.2%, respectively.
    In other words, the odds you’ll do better than an index fund are close to 1 out of 20 when picking an actively-managed domestic equity mutual fund.

    Also: "A barometer of hedge fund performance, called the HFRI Fund Weighted Composite Index, has generated an annualized gain of just 1.7% over the past five years. Compared to that, the S&P 500's average annualized return for the same period was 11%. "

    2. It kind of depends on the market in general. When in a bullmarket, most HFs make money even if less than the market. When in a bear market, most HFs lose money.

    3. 5 years.

    4. See the above answers and interpolate. "two thirds of first time funds never raise another fund again"

    http://www.frouah.com/CQA Presentation.pdf


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    I used Yahoo to find Google, but as Yahoo is not one of my Favourites since 1999, I had to Google Yahoo first.
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    The distribution is not "fat tail"?
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    On ET? Good Lord no. LOL.
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  6. Why dont "we" all admit "our" own returns and critical mass AUM isnt tht good, and come together form a "fund" and run it like Dalio suggest seen here ?

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    But the results you guys are citing here have a tremendous survivorship bias, as do the big hedge fund performance indexes (Barclays, Credit Suisse, etc.).It doesn't account for all the funds that evaporated along the way,
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