What % of Hedge Funds/Institutions actually make money?

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  1. What % beat the S&P?

    How many actually make money every year?

    What's the lifespan of an average hedge fund?

    How many actually survive/succeed?
  2. Good question. I would also like to know what is the percentage of hedge funds who beat the passive benchmark index? If they can't beat the index, it is a waste of money to hire these expensive managers when there are cheaper alternative passive index ETFs.
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  4. Means most of hedge funds are not doing well aren't they? ... I always thought most hedge funds made money since they were "Professional"
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    • What % beat the S&P?
    Of all funds, probably 10-12% at most. Smaller funds do it more frequently, larger ones less so.

    • How many actually make money every year?
    Plenty. Most multi-manager shops have no losing years and rarely have down months.

    • What's the lifespan of an average hedge fund?
    Hard to tell. Most startup funds fold after 2-3 years. If they reach “critical AUM”, they usually stick around.

    • How many actually survive/succeed?
    Very few. Out of roughly 3 trillions of AUM in the hedge fund industry across about 3k registered funds, over 30% is managed by about a 100 shops.
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  6. What does this mean? Over 30% of the 3k registered funds are managed by 100 shops? Meaning these 100 shops own an average of 30 funds each?
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    Managing a fund is mostly about retaining the AUM - some do it by making money, some spin it as “un-correlated bet” etc. Making good returns on a large asset base is pretty hard, especially with good risk metrics. Because of that, most managers resort to various spins, “we are the tail hedge”, “we are diversified” etc.
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    No, simply that top 100 funds out of 3 thousand manage about a trillion of the total of 3 trillion. It’s a winner take all industry
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  9. Does this percentage of beating S&P500 include the 2-and-20 fees or before?

    SPY ETF annual fees is only 0.09%. If the hedge funds are able to beat SPY despite their much higher cost, it will be interesting to know who they are. I would like to follow these skillful hedge fund managers.
  10. Wow, meaning it's kind of like the retail trader industry, few make big $$$. The rest make little to no money I assume?
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