What % of daytraders losses come from trading commissions?

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  1. Is 25% a good estimate?

    Most daytraders keep trading until they blow up all funds in their accounts.
    So we can conclude that brokers pocket 25% of daytraders' CAPITAL?


    What's your obsession with FAILURE? Is it due to you failing yourself in an attempt to make a living as a trader?

    I've traded full time, with success, for 15 years. I started with apprehensions - Can I do this? Can I succeed? Well, for the past 10 years I've found time to take time away from trading to volunteer with tutoring & mentoring at local schools. The past 4 years I've taken 3 afternoons/week to work with inner city disadvantaged kids in math and other areas and at the same time have maintained, and increased profitability as a trader.

    I'm sorry you apparently failed at the endeavor -- but not everyone does fail.
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    Assuming a daytrader is losing money, it's an important question. If a large proportion of the losses are because of commissions, the trader has to change his strategy e.g. trade less, higher time frames, perhaps different instruments.

    Even if s/he isn't losing, you still need to look at how much is going to the broker.
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    look at your past performance, profitable or not, and see how much u paid out in commissions. is that difficult for you to do?

    the thread is worthwhile. friction costs ie commissions are always an important component of trading. taxes are just as important. quailty of executions are probably the most important.
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    It is extremely difficult to overcome the B/A spread, commissions, and other costs like datafeeds and software that constitute a trading business. The actual % depends on trading style. That is why most retail traders need to have a style where commissions don't constitute a high percent. 25% would devastate you if that was the cut of your profits it was taking away over time.

    That you are worried about it shows that you are thinking like a business man, imo.
  9. Are you even vaguely familiar with Crgarcia? He proclaims that ALL short term and swing trades are losers, that there is not a single one in the world that is profitable.

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