What Obama policies aren't former Republican polices ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AK Forty Seven, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. So Republicans call Obama a liberal /socialist every chance they get,but what Obama polices are actual liberal polices and not former Republican polices ?

    Iraq-Bush policy.Bush signed the deal to withdraw troops before Obama took office

    Afghanistan-expanded former Bush policy

    Homeland security-expanded former Bush policy

    Stimulus-Bush had 2 stimulus packages

    Bail outs-continued Bush's polices of bail outs

    Taxes-extended Bush tax cuts,Obama's stimulus package contained 275 billion in tax cuts or credits

    Obama care-Obama care was the Republican Congress health plan in the 90's and later Passed by Mitt Romney in Mass

    Deficits-unlike Carter and Clinton who had balanced or near balanced budgets,Obama has record breaking budget deficits like Reagan and Bush

    Amnesty-attempted amnesty for millions of illegals like Reagan did and Bush and McCain tried to do

    Oil-signed a bill that allowed more oil drilling right before the gulf spill

    Gitmo-allowed Bush's torture prison to stay open

    Other then allowing gays to serve openly,what liberal polices has Obama passed that even comes close to all the republican polices he has passed or allowed to continued ?