What, no MTXX thread?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by plan, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. plan


    Just saw this, insane move.

    What an amazing short it would have been if caught early. Any one with Bloomberg Terminal catch the news early?
  2. Bought small lot of MTXX @ 9.20 per as it collapsed this morning. Market halted like 30 seconds l8r... now waiting...

    Now familiar with the news causing this. We'll see, this "dice throw" might be a swing trade or investment, certainly not day trade. :eek:
  3. jakeUP


    awful news..... might open from halt at $1
  4. AAA30


    Yeah thinking of taking a dice roll if it gets that low. Think quite a few people got stuck trying to play a retrace. Very bad news, I wonder what the liability is for loss of sense of smell.
  5. This company is DONE FOR!
  6. Or simply a loss.
    I'll live, but... :mad: