What next will emerge from the Bush Administration woodpile?

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  1. We know that the Bush Administration has tried to reclassify fast food jobs as belonging to the manufacturing sector:


    We also know that the Bush Administration has tried to muzzle government scientists on climate change and suppress scientific research:


    And, of course, there are the questionable intelligence reports, carefully filtered by the Administration, supporting an excursion into Iraq:


    The list goes on.

    The question is: What will emerge next from the woodpile? Any guesses?

    (Hmm. Perhaps there is some common ground between Mr. Bush and Mr. Putin to build on.)
  2. Bushs' best kept secret - merging the United States WITH MEXICO and Canada.

    North American Union.

    Total media blackout on that save Lou Dobbs.
  3. fhl


    Do I detect a hidden racist message in the title to this thread?:eek:
  4. Don't even think about it.

    However, I commend your attempt to deflect negative attention from your hero. Smithers would be proud.
  5. fhl


    Too late, I already thought about it. If you press me, I'll alert the naacp.:p
  6. You and your allusions (not to mention your illusions and delusions) are free to do as you please.:p

    Oh, and please do be sure to let me know when you get around to answering the question posed.:D
  7. What? No more predictions?
  8. jem


    I am concerned Al Sharpton is going to show up.

    Actually I predict Bush's final nail in the coffin will be a regressive income tax hike and a reduction in taxes on gasoline.
  9. It will emerge that the bush admin and his neocon minions are attempting to create a new religion. Creationism.....cold war redux...blatant nation building...all of this could only be tolerated via mass brain washing and hysteria.

    Ugh....i`m done here..

  10. nice try.. here are black patriots wanting the law to be enforced. they are citizens that love the Constitution. call the naacp now.

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