What next will emerge from the Bush Administration woodpile?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Thunderdog, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. We know that the Bush Administration has tried to reclassify fast food jobs as belonging to the manufacturing sector:


    We also know that the Bush Administration has tried to muzzle government scientists on climate change and suppress scientific research:


    And, of course, there are the questionable intelligence reports, carefully filtered by the Administration, supporting an excursion into Iraq:


    The list goes on.

    The question is: What will emerge next from the woodpile? Any guesses?

    (Hmm. Perhaps there is some common ground between Mr. Bush and Mr. Putin to build on.)
  2. achilles28


    Bushs' best kept secret - merging the United States WITH MEXICO and Canada.

    North American Union.

    Total media blackout on that save Lou Dobbs.
  3. fhl


    Do I detect a hidden racist message in the title to this thread?:eek:
  4. Don't even think about it.

    However, I commend your attempt to deflect negative attention from your hero. Smithers would be proud.
  5. fhl


    Too late, I already thought about it. If you press me, I'll alert the naacp.:p
  6. You and your allusions (not to mention your illusions and delusions) are free to do as you please.:p

    Oh, and please do be sure to let me know when you get around to answering the question posed.:D
  7. What? No more predictions?
  8. jem


    I am concerned Al Sharpton is going to show up.

    Actually I predict Bush's final nail in the coffin will be a regressive income tax hike and a reduction in taxes on gasoline.
  9. It will emerge that the bush admin and his neocon minions are attempting to create a new religion. Creationism.....cold war redux...blatant nation building...all of this could only be tolerated via mass brain washing and hysteria.

    Ugh....i`m done here..

  10. nice try.. here are black patriots wanting the law to be enforced. they are citizens that love the Constitution. call the naacp now.

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