What news service is the best?

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  1. Just wanted to know what you traders think of the news services out there...

    We have 'trade the news' on the floor but the guy is always mumbling and they are generally late on news (non-economic).

    So, besides Bloomberg / Reuters as these are bit too expensive... what do you recommend? i.e. briefing, theFLYonthewall...

    Thanks for your help
  2. What? No takers? I thought ET was full of opinions
  3. The only way to get real time news is through a streaming raw feed like Newsware or News Edge. Briefing, Fly, Tradethenews, DJ, Bloomberg use these streaming services as the source for redistribuiting the news after it comes out. If you don't want to read through every headline and just get the highlights that these redistributors stream you are looking at anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes from when the actual news came out.
  4. I just visited that site and it looks interesting. But I just can't trust anyone who hides prices behind a download.
  5. OK thanks for the info, yeah I figured they get all their news from the same sources. I really can't be bothered sorting through because that distracts from my trading. What I was more interested in was the speed of say Briefing compared to theFLYonthewall...

    I'm getting a free trial of thefly and my friend is testing briefing for free. We are comparing speed. But just wanted to know what others thought and if there are any sites besides theses 2
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    trade the news is good, and they offer a free trial as well.
  7. Trade the news is a fucking joke.

    The OP wants REAL TIME news, not some guy who reads the news (whenever he gets around to it).
  8. +1

    completely agree... and I would also add that when he does get around to it he mumbles it and you never quite know what he said.

    Their slackness is why I'm looking for a different source
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    stick to bloomsberg, cnbc, marketwatch.com,
  10. Seriously? Marketwatch is garbage... and CNBC is the slowest of them all...

    OK no problem guys, taking my own advice and signing up for theflyonthewall... seems to be the quicker between them and briefing. Still have trade the news but I don't pay for that.
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