What news has the greatest impact on eur/usd?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by banifacy91, Jul 11, 2018 at 1:55 PM.

  1. Hello guys.
    May anyone tell me what news has the most importance on eur / usd ?
    I mean with which news it's better to be out of the market or maybe vice versa
  2. qxr1011


    as soon as there is news that I am buying all the hell brakes loose
  3. Lukas V

    Lukas V

    US news much more (to be out of the market) than European news, generally.

    You might want to be flat for NFP (US unemployment figures), FOMC statements/figures, and US GDP announcements.
  4. fx$esm23


    There might be lot of news which are likely to affect EUR/USD,
    Important economic data of both EU nations & United states.
    And statements of FOMC and ECB officials also have the potential to affect the pair significantly.
  5. Bill.C.


    Yeah I was in a EUR pair once and missed that there was an ECB rate decision. Not a good time
  6. Any news which is related to the economic health of America and EU like GDP, house stats, industrial production, employment reports/statistics, CPI, PPI etc can have an impact on the pair. Interest rates dictated by the central banks of USA and EU and any significant comments by the senior representatives of ECB and FOMC can also cause major changes in EUR/USD