What music do you like to listen while trading?

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  1. I am new to this forum, so exploring all the sections on this forum. Starting this thread to know more about you elite traders.
    What music do you like to listen while trading?
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  3. I like to listen to ambient music while trading. Also a cup of coffee makes me focus on my trades.
  4. wartrace


    I have a couple of "deep focus" and "relaxation" playlists on spotify. My rule is no vocals and nothing to get me excited. I want elevator music when I'm concentrating. I leave the motorhead type stuff for after hours.
  5. I very rarely listen to music while trading, it distracts me.
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  6. I listen to flute music which gives me so much relaxation while trading.
  7. Similar theme to the others, I listen to a completely different type of music while trading. I switch it up between natures sounds (rainforest, waves), smooth jazz, or "flow state" music. All with noise canceling over the ear headphones, basically want to tune out the entire world and just focus on trading.
  8. None. Silence is best for me.
  9. Laura48


    Same here, prefer trading in silence too, helps me focus better.
  10. navyelite


    Mostly, pop or jazz
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