What moving average is most significant on the 5 minute chart?

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  1. Using the 5 minute chart, and taking 20 minute trades. I am familiar with moving averages, but I am curious if a particular one has the most "bounce factor" to stop trends.

    By trends, I mean trends on the 5 minute, not longer term.
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    50 period works well on 5.
    But 50 day ma + 5-7 hour charts=? worked much better for me, less comissions, less slippage, more profit.Best way, to use a 5 minute which i dont much ; is put a 50, 200, 100 period on + use discretion....... When something pays dividends, it's much different from levered/leverage up trends.Good question:cool::cool:
  4. The main disadvantage of 200 period on 5 minute chart+ i looked on something leveraged on that, since you asked; is takes 200 bars of 5 minutes for signal-that is better for commissions. But 50 period can be better if you dont comission/waste your profits out.5 minuet is real noise, unless you like to trade fast+ i seldom do........:D:D
  5. I'll be honest, I need some sort of decoder to understand your reply haha. Though it sounds like you know what you're talking about.
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  7. Do you know of a similar site for Equities?
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    OK,Rise18+250; that is why so many hate tech analysis.LOL
    I meant, i find 50 period moVing average[ma], about 4 times as useful as 200 period moving average.
    I use a weekly chart, much more than 5 minutes.
    BUT EVEN ON a five minute chart,[ QQQ.....,.....] see how from FEB 1st, 5 minute chart, 50 period moVing average works much better[better bounce] than 200 period?????

    [I also use 2001.....,....] Stock Traders Almanac, by Hirsch. Like JAN 1st, FEB 1st, IS usually up about 67% 77%of time, but no follow thru on bear trends tells me a lot;means it's most likely good uptrend.If this sentence does not make sense, , just go with top 4 or 5.0 sentences.]:D,:D:D:D:D
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