What mouse and keyboard do you use?

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  1. What mouse and keyboard do you use?

    Hey, what do you use when you are trading, mouse or keyboard?

    Do you use cheap or generic mouse/keyboard only?
    Or do you buy selected mouse or keyboard specially for your trading needs?
    If so, what do you use (brand + model)?
  2. I trade from my laptop so I use my laptop's keyboard. But for mouse, I'm currently using Razers.

    I have both the Razer Krait and the Razer Copperhead. These are great mice, very smooth and very light and on the fly sensitivity change.

    I do have a Logitech G7 laser gaming mouse for backup just in case one of these craps out on me.
  3. How does it work?

    In what conditions does the mouse change? Will it change at the right time?
  4. On the fly meaning, you get to adjust it anytime you wish to without having to go to the control Panel. It's part of the software, you can configure certain key presses or button presses to +/- sensitivity.

    The Logitech G7 has two extra buttons for you to increase/decrease the sensitivity.
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  6. Lucrum


    Logitech track ball
  7. Quick dpi adjustment is good for gaming but I believe we don't need it for trading,

    How useful are tohse extra buttons, trading-wise?

    How high dpi is appropriate for trading?
    (use 2x2 monitors with 1680x1050 resoltuion)
  8. Original Dell-supplied keyboard and a Logitech MX500 mouse (gotten my money's worth - both are about 6 yrs old).
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    Great thread. Because we all know that the kind of mouse you use can make a big difference in your trading success or failure.

    But it's not nearly as important as what kind of socks you wear...


  10. You will not say that when your keyboard/mouse suddenly fails. :D

    Good tools need a good carpenter. But good tools alone won't lead to success.
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