What motivates the attacks on J Hershey?

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  1. Attacks have gone on for a decade or more against Jack Hershey on the web. They seem to be mindless typically so it raises the question of motivation of the attackers. Meanwhile Jack seems to have an army of people now trading on 25 exchanges and making a lot of money and potentially together they could enact some serious change in this world. Are some hugely wealthy banking families worried about losing some power to the Jack Hershey coalition and hiring mindless minions to keep up the siege? Do some people become obsessed with Jack because of his weird postings? Is it just some kind of sick thing where people attack people that are different? Are we indeed seeing just the tip of the iceberg of a war between good and evil? If so, which guys are evil, Jack doesn't seem evil particularly, he gives away trading advice, what's evil about that? If somebody learns his stuff and trades with the trend and across the channel all day and makes a fortune, how is Jack evil in fostering this idea? Maybe there is a real movement on to keep the uneducated masses in their place and keep the educated elite in power. They do tell us that trading is impossible, on this website at times, which is owned by guys that traded their way to hundreds of millions in their own lifetimes, so maybe they are embarrasingly stupid really, this so called intellectual elite..... and they can't suffer further embarrasment at the hands of one the likes of a Jack Hershey student?

    I admit to not learning much about it personally, I just can't stand trying to read all that gibberish and crawling through all the broken glass to get to the learning finish line, besides I'm into automation and need simpler solutions. OTOH if somebody likes crawling through broken glass, who am I to say they should not do that? People firewalk to prove they can flow their energy, sheesh, what's a little broken glass along the path of life......

    Opinions welcome........
  2. I would love to respond but............... I would end up writing a 1 hour post, so i pass.
  3. As a non-combatant I would say the attacks are generated because:

    - some feel a need to defend newbies against the possibility of long study leading no-where
    - some object to Jack's longwinded exposition of a method cloaked in mystery (the king is not wearing clothes)
    - Jack tends to jump into only slightly related threads and go on and on with his method hijacking the thread thus irritating people.
    - Jack will always bite.
  4. Jack attacks himself to gain attention and......fame......:D
  5. I think the constant attacks exist because there are far too many claims and there is few empirical evidence.

  6. For the purposes of clarity, one should differentiate a claim from the claim of performance.

    Somebody claiming to make a certain amount using their methodology is different from somebody claiming that the same methodology applied by anybody can produce the same result without an extensive experience in the markets gained by that same anybody.

    The researcher who is gathering the empirical data attempts to describe accurately the interaction between the human senses and the entity being observed.

    The accumulation of evidence for or against any particular theory involves planned research designs for the collection of empirical data, and academic rigor plays a large part of judging the merits of research design.

    If anybody had systematically investigated the methodology and came to conclusion that it is based on false premises, one would expect them to come forward with their findings.

    The fact that everybody, who attempted to systematically investigate, has failed to come forward and report the lack of results - is in itself an empirical evidence.

    Ain't that a bitch!:D
  7. Romanus,

    Thank you for your reply but this debate is not for me.

  8. Who is J Hershey?
  9. YW,

    it's not for me either.

    But since you mentioned words "claim" and "empirical evidence" in the same sentence, I thought some clarification may be in order.

    Good luck.
  10. What the heck are you talking about you freaking moron!

    Claim = Superiority attitude, ridiculous performance promises, etc etc

    Empirical Evidence = No Statements, No PLs, hundreds of morons comparing each other after the fact charts.
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