What months are the contract months for those interest rate futures?

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    I am new to futures trading.

    The eurodollar futures' contract months listings is defined as "Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec, Forty months in the March quarterly cycle, and the four nearest serial contract months." What are the 'Forty months in the March quarterly cycle'? And what are 'the four nearest serial contract months'?

    I see similar contract months or called delivery months in short sterling futures, "March, June, September, December, and two serial months, such that 22 delivery months are available for trading, with the nearest three delivery months being consecutive calendar months." This time what are the 'two serial months' and what are the '22 delivery months'?

    Thank you.
  2. Means that Eurodollars are quoted for March, June, Sep, and Dec expiration for a total of 40 contracts (10 years) at any given time, so right now the quarterly months that are trading are:

    EDU5 (Sep 2005)
    EDM5 (June 2015)

    In addition,right now contracts for August and October are quoted.

    The greatest liquidity is in the first 12 quarterly contracts. The serials are thinly traded.
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    Thank you.

    Yes, I understand now the serial months are the not quarterly months. So for now, eurodollar also has contracts in Aug, Oct, Nov, and Jan(06), four nearest serial month.