What Monitors do you have, size, specs - Led or LCD ?

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  1. Hello,
    I am just about to go and get some 6 monitors.

    Can someone tell me best specs, size,

    I think LED is better ? Whats your view.

    What are you using, please share your experiences. thanks.
  2. Still using (older) Dell or EIZO 19" or 20" square monitors hung off Ergotron DS100 stands.
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    go to newegg or something and read as much as you can. see,what you can pick up on black friday. i mean-you find what will be on sale,then -if it fits you,then narrow your choices even further. asking about what we are using is pointless,cause technology changes over the time.
    right now for example right now you can pick up some big a* 24" at the price of 19". keep in mind the temperature and heat monitors produce(if you trade from small home room or something). LED probably produce far less heat and consume less energy than good old LCD
    i'm using hanns g LCD's for 5 years or so. also got them from newegg on black friday.no complaints
  4. Excellent,
    I am currently building up my trading station..
    Will take me few days..
    Its very hard to monitors things in 3 laptops.

    I really need big screens.. Will check the LEDs.
  5. As I typed some comments about monitors in your other thread. Take it from someone who actively scans over 20 monitors.

    - You plan to have 6 or 8 monitors in an array. Do not use monitors that are big. Resolution is what you want. 1920x1080 at minimum. 24-inch IMO is too big. Pick some 22-inch or smaller with 1920x1080 resolutions.

    - LCD, especially the older design (where you may find them "on sale"), generates quite a bit of heat. I started a few years ago and that's where the technology was. LED screen is much better, less heat dissipation (thus save on electricity). I now wish I have all LED screens.

    - I use a few of these models and I like them:
    Acer S211HL (21.5" LED monitor), resolution 1920x1080
  6. I agree. I also have u2711. Price per inch is dramatically better.

    Paid $800 with tax and free ship from dell small business.
    U3011 was $1259 on sale.

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    I have one 15" LCD monitor with 4 yellow stripes running vertically across on my 8 year old laptop.
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